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Press tool, Press die and Transfer tool, Transfer die
Design and Making FRONTIER CO., LTD

We can design and making
▷Press tool, press die ▷Transfer tool, Transfer die
We have various skills for PRESS DIE
▷Deep Drawing ▷Sheet forging ▷Composite processing
Trial in similar condition with custormers'
▷New Servo Press
Precision electronic press tool stamping parts, Motor stamping tool parts, Automobile stamping parts can produce press die.We can provide high quality press die,press tool and technology for the development of your company.

 How about converting to Press work from machine work?

We design and produce transfer die for moter cover.
Motor cases usually require accurate roundness and concentricity,
especially for the part of bearing bore shape.
We have skill and experience to provide tools for stable quality of products.
Please ask
whenever you plan to develop a new product.   ▷Please Check

FRONTIER proposes a Process integration

Realize Cost efficiency , Weight saving, Downsizing, High strength

▷Sheet forging・・・Increase plate thickness in the press tool
▷Composite processing・・・Produce multiple stamping parts and composite them in the PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL.
FRONTIER makes the impossible possible.
Please feel free to ask a question.
PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL expert staff are willing to challenge to solve the problem.