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Press tool,Press die and Transfer tool,Transfer die
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We can design and making
LinkIconPress tool,Press dieLinkIconTransfer tool,Transfer die
Our PRESS DIE can be manufactured using plastic forming
LinkIconDEEP DRAWINGLinkIconSHEET FORGINGLinkIconCombined processing
Our Trial is available on equal terms with the customer's environment

Precision electronic press tool stamping parts, Motor stamping tool parts, Automobile stamping parts can produce press die.We can provide high quality press die,press tool and technology for the development of your company.

Let's change into Stamping parts from Cutting parts!

Our Precision Motor case Transfer press tool Die do not lose in a Cutting part

We can transfer die design and production in the motor cover and motor cover.
The motor case is important for accurate roundness and concentricity and bearing bore shape.
I have the skill and experience to provide a stable supply of the product.
Please ask when designing a product development.LinkIconPlease Check

FRONTIER can integrated one stamping parts of two stamping parts

FRONTIER can be Low Cost efficiency , Lighter, Smaller, High strength

LinkIconSHEET FORGING・・・Three-dimensional stamping product is available (Increased thickness of the plate).
LinkIconCombined processing・・・In the PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL to produce multiple stamping products, and combines
FRONTIER is the impossible can be possible.Please make a question about the product.
PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL experts will be seriously considered

Press tool,press die photoPress tool,press die photo
Press tool,press die photoPress tool,press die photo

Performance of Press tool ,Press Die

Stamping products produced from FRONTIER CO.,LTD

Stamping Products
Motor Motor Case / stepper motor / rotor frame / stator core sheet / plate / core holder /motor York / motor housing
Mobile Phone Motor vibration / hinge / bezel/ frame  
Electronic Components  Tripod (digital camera tripods)/ terminal  contact
Auto parts

Gasket ring / pipe (air conditioner radiator) / Capacitors / bus bar

Home electric appliances Drum (washing machine) contact terminal /electronic microwave cover
Breaker parts Armature resistance / breaker / terminals / back-terminal / gap plate / limit contact

Material Features
SPCC/SECC/SUS304/SUS303/Aluminum / copper
Sheet thickness  About 0.1mm~6.0mm

Q: 『I ​​want to start up the Stamping products but I have no space for new stampingproducts』

A.We are holding the Latest New servo press

Combines the expertise of our own characteristics and servo presses, providing products that satisfy our customers.

Please feel free to contact us!

Q: 『Shift from public relations to press or not cutting』

A.Plate forging, complex machining, mold has experience producing plastic processing based on various factors such as Caulking.

Please leave you with products that are difficult to mold and traditional materials such as cutting out and difficult process.

We supply the products best suited to your mold.

Q: 『to lower product costs and a complex process in the mold』

A.I made ​​a mold of the one that was shot in a press caulked parts produced separately for each component.

Caulking has been carried out to produce multiple parts.

Reduce the number press time was reduced with a significant labor cost savings.

Q: 『quick delivery, but, we need products with precision』

A.The first product as a condition of accuracy is required, the mold is the most important is accurate.

We wire cutting, machining, machined parts based on the latest process control and machine polishing.

Complete the mating die together and made ​​by craftsmen of fine imprinting finally finishing department.

Quality, please be assured that deadlines can be supplied stably.